Why Consistency Can Be Like Running on a Treadmill

John Ajayi
2 min readJul 19, 2020


Seth Godin is one of the most influential bloggers in the world. He is famous for his daily short blog posts.

There is hardly a day you won’t find a new post on Seth Godin’s blog. And his posts are mostly 300-word pieces and they get thousands of shares.

He also writes long-form posts, but these come once in a while.

And amazingly, he is not repetitive.

A lot of people want to write like Godin. However, it takes time and discipline.

It is not impossible. I have tried it, but I gave up after two weeks.

My point, however, is not solely on consistency.

It is admirable to be consistent. But it isn’t admirable to consistently make the same mistakes.

Don’t take consistency for progress.

No matter what you do, add 1% to it when you do it. Look at your work and note your faults down. It doesn’t have to be a mistake. The fact that the thing isn’t the best it can be makes it a fault.

You may need to take a break for evaluation. Look back on how far you’ve come. How far have you progressed since you started?

Be consistent, but don’t cover the distance on a treadmill. Do it on land.

Get better with every step and make progress.



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