The Thing About Disappointments

John Ajayi
2 min readMay 29, 2021


You have been expecting some money from a client. You already have plans for the money. The day the money was going to come, you were constantly checking your email for the payment notification. And around the time you were about to go to bed, the money enters.

You’re delighted, then you open the email to discover that PayPal has put the money on hold for 21 days because you’re a relatively new seller.

Damn! And you have plans for the money — plans that a 21-day wait will ruin.


You’re not used to moping and feeling helpless, so you start to look for an option that could fix the issue.

You realize that PayPal can allow you to change the order status if your product has been delivered. You activate that, hoping the client will verify this claim.

This is when you have no choice but to wait. You’re going through a salad of emotions — anger, frustration, fear, and hope.

The Point

The thing about disappointment is that, even when it seems that the world is coming to an end, there is always a tiny thread of hope — a little glimmer of it, and holding on to it can be the difference between optimism and the gradual fall into depression.



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