On Frustration and Fulfillment

February 2020

The Mission

When we start, we mostly have a beautiful goal in mind. We put in the work and the effort endlessly and tirelessly — just like the way I worked 12–14 hours a day for more than 6 months.

The Process

Moving the needle to where you want to be, requires a game plan. Just like robbing a bank, you need to time every movement, estimate the chances of winning and know every inch of the bank’s premises.

The Truth

When many of us step into the game of making money, we hardly have a game plan. We have a goal, but we hope that the waves would be nice enough to guide our ship right.

Woken Digital

Sometime in February 2020, I had a close friend who was interested in learning how to write for the internet. So, I engaged her with a series of writing tasks. She told me that she used to write stories a lot when she was young. So, I decided to test her fiction writing skills.

Online Business 101

You need a good product, a marketing strategy, the right tools, and lots of money.



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John Ajayi

John Ajayi

Walking through this adventure called life. Am I the only one who thinks this way or life is just like Jumanji without dinosaurs?