5 Ways to Financial Independence from Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin

The How

What’s your life energy worth?

  • How much do you spend to get to work?
  • How much do you spend on costuming for work? Shaving, makeup, clothing …
  • How much do you spend on food because of work? Coffee, snacks, lunch … and those meals you ordered for dinner because you were too busy (or tired) to cook.
  • Those things you do to escape work — If work was great and fulfilling, you would hardly do them. The recreational substances, weekend parties to blow off steam, …
  • Those vacations you took because you needed a break from your job.
  • Those times you had to visit the doctor because of work-related stress or other health issues.
  • The services you pay for because your job does not give you the time to do them yourself — babysitting, mowing your lawn, …
  • Social evenings when you had to ‘network’ for business.
  • Educational programs to get better at your job.
  1. Makes you see if your decisions about your job are worth it. Would it cost you less if you can move closer to your workplace? What if you start taking the bus? Are those clothes you bought to impress worth it? What if you took another job that may pay less but cost much lesser?
  2. Makes you see how your money is flying. This answers the question — where did all the money go?
  3. Makes you more accountable for every dollar.

Getting to Enough

  • Enough is having what you need for survival.
  • Enough is having what you need for your comfort.
  • Enough is having some special luxuries, with no excess to burden you unnecessarily.
  1. Accountability: you need to know how much money is flowing in and out of your life. If you don’t know this, you can never have enough.
  2. An internal yardstick for fulfillment: you should be able to tell when you have reached the stage of survival, comfort, and a few luxuries. Following other people will make you never have enough — they don’t have enough themselves.
  3. A purpose in life higher than satisfying your desires and wants. You can never have enough if a desire becomes a need. There will always be things you desire, but you need to be able to keep them as desires.
  • Building a brand
  • Loving your family
  • Serving on the school board
  • Creating art
  • Working towards environmental sustainability.

Watch the way you swipe

Frugality isn’t as bad as it sounds



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